LeanIX SaaS Management Platform (SMP) allows you to manage and monitor your SaaS contract renewals. With SMP, you can make smart decisions about which contracts to renew and when, while having the financial insights available in a convenient timeline and table views.


Renewals Timeline

The renewals timeline is the first thing you see when you navigate to the "Renewals" tab. After SaaS contracts are brought into SMP, the renewals timeline will be updated with your contracts' information.

This timeline shows you:

  • Contract Duration: The total duration of a particular contract
  • Renewal Date Reminder: Alert date for when you will be reminded about the upcoming contract renewal
  • SaaS Name: Name of the SaaS solution and related contract cost
  • Current Period: Vertical bar across the timeline indicates the current period in time



More details about renewal can be revealed upon hovering over any the items in the timeline.


Drilling Down into Services on the Renewals Timeline

You can drill down into any of the items on the renewals timeline to get more information. Simply click on any of the items in the timeline. This will give you a more detailed view of the selected service with data from the Spend tab.

For example, clicking "Microsoft Office 365" in the timeline opens a page that allows you to analyze key pieces of information about that service.


You can access the same page by clicking on any of same the services listed in the tabular view of the "Renewals" page.

Filter & Sort Renewals Information

You can filter and sort contract renewals quickly and easily. Doing so will allow you to stay informed about any upcoming contract end dates.


You can filter the renewals timeline on contracts' end dates and alerts that will happen within the next 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months. You can also select "All" to view all of your contracts that have an alert/end-date outside of this time period.


You can sort the renewals timeline in ascending or descending order. In addition, the timeline can be further sorted on the "Renewal alert date", "Contract end date", "Contract start date", "Service name", or "Contract value"


Upcoming Renewals

The Upcoming Renewals tab gives a detailed tabular view with service, contract link, renewal date & value, alert setting, department name, business owner and renewal type.

You have a detailed view of upcoming renewals, identify which contracts are on the verge of expiry / auto renewal, and easily export data on upcoming renewals in a table format.


Export Renewals Information

Renewals information can also be exported into an Excel file. To do so, simply scroll down on the "Renewals" page to the tabular view of your SaaS contracts. Then, click "Export". The file will now download to your machine.


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