SAP Concur Web Services

SAP Concur is a cloud-based solution to improve process automation, integration, and analytics across Travel and Expense processes while providing a modern user experience and comprehensive mobile support. SAP Concur is now SAP's solution for Travel and Expense.

SAP Concur is a valuable source because it can help significantly reduce the time and effort required to ensure compliance, review/approve travel expenses, and identify suspicious spending.

Integration details


Integration Categories

  • Expense Management


Authentication mechanism

  • API

Discovery Capabilities

Available entitiesEntity descriptionSAP Concur Web Services resource
New servicesService discovery is the process of automatically identifying services and applications. All discovered services are added to SMP automatically.Expense Reports
CostCost discovery is the process to identify every spending on all costs. All discovered costs on the services are added to SMP automatically.Expense Reports

Set up SAP Concur Web Services



To configure SAP Concur Web Services, make sure you have an account with admin permissions.

Create New User Account

To create a new user account, follow the next steps (if you already have a dedicated account created skip to configuring permissions section):

  1. Click Administration > Company > Company admin
  2. In the left menu, under User administration, click Add user
  3. Fill required fields (for Login/email you can use e.g. [email protected])

  1. Set the user as Active and check the following checkboxes for user permissions:
    a. Expense User
    b. Expense Processor
    c. Invoice User
    d. Invoice Processor
  2. Copy for future reference the information you entered for the Login (email address) and Password fields - you will need to paste it later in LeanIX SMP
  3. Click the Save button on the top of the page

Configure permission

To set user permissions, follow the next steps:

  1. Click Administration > Company > Company admin
  2. In the left menu, click User Permissions
  3. Find the new user and add additional roles:
  • Web Services Administrator

If you are configuring integration on an existing user account make sure it also has roles Expense User, Expense Processor, Invoice User, Invoice Processor added.

Create a Partner Application in Concur

In order for the LeanIX SMP to communicate with Concur, you will create a Partner application in Concur. The Partner application allows LeanIX SMP to access the necessary APIs to import Concur data.
For more information about Concur Partner applications, see here.

To create the partner application in Concur follow the next steps:

  1. Before going further, make sure that your Concur administrator account has the following permission:
  • Web Services Administrator (also called Web Service Access)
  1. Log in to Concur using your Concur administrator credentials
  2. In Concur, go to Administration > Company > Web Services

  1. In the navigation area on the left, click Register Partner Application

  1. Click New to register a new partner application.

  1. Enter the following information for the new partner application:
    Name: LeanIXSMP
    Description: Partner application for LeanIX SMP
    Active: Select Active

Add access to the following APIs by checking the corresponding checkboxes:

  • Expense Report - Add, Approve, or Update Expense Reports
  • Invoice Report - Add, Approve, or Update Invoice Reports
  • Imaging - Add or Retrieve Report and Line Item Images
  • List Items - Add, Update, or Delete List Items
  • Users - Add or Update User Accounts

  1. In the same form, under Application Authorization, you will find the company domain, consumer key, and consumer secret. Copy this information in a safe place, you will need to paste it in LeanIX SMP.

Integrate Concur in LeanIX SMP

After you created User account and Partner application in Concur, go to LeanIX SMP

  1. Please contact your CSM or CSE to enable you the Web Services integration instead of username/password integration

  2. Navigate to Settings > Discover Integrations, find Concur and click Add ( or

  3. Enter integration name and provide credentials gathered during Concur configuration

  1. Click Connect