Coupa is a comprehensive T&E (travel & expense) solution designed to help businesses capture, manage, validate, and analyze expenses across the organization. Through automation and consolidated reporting, Coupa captures expenses from sources like expense reports, purchasing cards, and travel bookings.

Coupa is a valuable source because it can help significantly reduce the time and effort required for finance teams to ensure compliance, review/approve expenses, and identify suspicious spending.

Integration details


Integration Categories

  • Financial System


Authentication mechanism

  • API

Discovery Capabilities

Available entitiesProductEntity descriptionCoupa resourceRequired permissions / scopes
New servicesEAM, SMPService discovery is the process of automatically identifying services and applications. All discovered services are shown in LeanIX workspace
InvoicesSMPInvoices discovery is the process to collect invoices from all services. All discovered invoices on the services are added to LeanIX

Set up Coupa


Sunsetting of API keys and transition to OAuth 2.0

  • For improved security, Coupa has changed their allowed authentication methods and since January 2023 only supports access to Coupa data via OIDC. Our integration to Coupa fully supports this change by having a new integration form available in every LeanIX workspace by default. For additional information on this, please check out the official Coupa documentation here.

Obtain your Coupa Subdomain

Your Coupa subdomain is the subdomain portion of the URL you visit to access your Coupa account.


The part you need to input is coloured in red in the above example

Obtain your Coupa API Credentials

Official Coupa docs: Coupa OAuth 2.0 documentation

  1. Log in to Coupa account as an administrative user.
  2. Click the Setup tab.
  3. Select OAuth2/OpenID Connect Clients category.
  4. Click the Create button. For Grant Type select Client credentials
  5. According to the capabilities selected in LeanIX product, please make sure to add relevant permissions as listed in Discovery Capabilities table. For example, for new services make sure you select
  6. Complete the form and click the Create button.
  7. Copy Identifier and Secret to paste them into LeanIX integration.

Integrate Coupa in LeanIX

After you have created the API Credentials in Coupa, go to LeanIX.

  1. In LeanIX SMP: Navigate to Settings > Discover Integrations, find Coupa and click Add
  2. Enter the Coupa integration name, followed by Coupa Subdomain, Identifier and Secret.
  1. Click Integrate.