Expensify is an accounting system that is designed to manage expenses and transactions using real-time data processing. It automatically integrates the application with financial institutions and credit cards processors to avoid manual data entry.

Expensify is a valuable source because it uses different ratios, including debt-to-income ratios, to maintain a healthy balance.

Integration details


Integration Categories

  • Expense Management


Authentication mechanism

  • API

Discovery Capabilities

Available entities

Entity description

Expensify resource

New services

Service discovery is the process of automatically identifying services and applications. All discovered services are added to SMP automatically.

Expense Report


Cost discovery is the process to identify every spending on all costs. All discovered costs on the services are added to SMP automatically.

Expense Report

Set up Expensify

Get API Credentials

  1. Login to Expensify ( https://www.expensify.com/signin )
  2. Go to https://www.expensify.com/tools/integrations/
  3. Copy the partnerUserID and partnerUserSecret. Remember these values, as these values will be needed to integrate Expensify with LeanIX SMP.

Integrate Expensify in LeanIX SMP

  1. Log into LeanIX SMP and navigate to Expensify settings (https://us-si.leanix.net/settings/integrations/Expensify/connect or https://eu-si.leanix.net/settings/integrations/Expensify/connect )
  1. Fill out the form with appropriate credentials from the Get API Credentials section point 3:
  • partnerUserID for Partner User ID
  • partnerUserSecret for Partner User Secret
  1. Click Connect