SMP Overview

SaaS Management Platform (SMP) Overview

LeanIX has launched a new product called SaaS Management Platform (SMP) that addresses a variety of SaaS management use cases. SMP is a powerful addition to LeanIX's Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) offering as it helps you discover, optimize, and save on your SaaS. It is simple to implement, auto-discovers 4000+ known SaaS applications, and offers 100+ integrations from industry-leading SaaS vendors.

SMP Core Use Cases

  • Discovery & Visibility: discover SaaS applications across the organization to uncover shadow IT and get more information
  • Reduce SaaS Spend: eliminate unused licenses and redundant products or negotiate more favorable contract terms with existing SaaS vendors
  • Optimize Usage: increase utilization of existing SaaS licenses to reduce spend on new licenses and maximize ROI using existing resources
  • Improve Processes: implement efficient and coherent processes for IT to get real-time visibility to manage, optimize, and control the entire SaaS portfolio across the company from a single-pane-of-glass
  • Enhance security: Identify potential security risks to mitigate data breaches, unauthorized access, and ensure compliance for vendor risk management

SMP at a Glance

SMP Product Offerings

There are 3 different SaaS Management Platform (SMP) product offerings:

1. SaaS Discovery for APM

Clients already using LeanIX APM capability can leverage the automated SaaS discovery capability to:

  • discover all of the existing SaaS applications across your organization to help identify shadow IT
  • establish ownership and accountability for identified SaaS applications and related spend

2. SaaS Discover

Stand-alone SaaS Management Platform (SMP) product that can be purchased and used separately from other LeanIX products. Configured in its own environment, this product is aimed at clients who want to see what SaaS they have 'out there' (no-contract management or SaaS utilization metrics about individual applications). SaaS Manage includes SaaS Discover.

3. SaaS Manage

Stand-alone SaaS Management Platform (SMP) product that can be purchased and used separately from other LeanIX products. Purchasing SaaS Manage will automatically enable SaaS Discover. SaaS Manage allows clients to understand the usage of individual SaaS applications, track utilization, manage contract renewals, compliance, SaaS off-/on-boardings, and more.



SaaS Discover and SaaS Manage are two different product offerings. SaaS Manage includes the SaaS Discover product as well as SaaS Discovery for LeanIX APM. Please contact your CSM for further details.



The UI of the products is not necessarily complete, exhaustive, accurate, or up-to-date due to continuous development. The look and feel of the UIs are subject to change.

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