GitLab is a web-based open source Git repository manager with wiki and issue tracking features and built-in CI/CD. It is an open-source code collaboration platform that enables developers to create, review, and deploy codebases. GitLab helps users automate the builds, integration, and verification of a code. With SAST, DAST, code quality analysis, plus pipelines that enable concurrent testing and parallel execution, dev teams get quick insights about every commit so they can deliver higher quality code faster.

Pricing GitLab pricing is based on the number of features included.

Integration Information

Data Collected

  • Members: email, name, role (no access, guest, reporter, developer, maintener, owner, user), last seen

Connection details

  • Status: General Availability
  • Type: api
  • Permissions required:
    * User generating the access key has to be a service admin.