Datadog (api)

Datadog is a monitoring service that helps software developers and web operators understand and turn their IT data into actionable insight.

Pricing Datadog price depends on the number of hosts.

Integration Information

Data Collected

  • Members: email, name, role (user, admin, read-only, owner)
  • Usage:
    • number of hosts
    • number of apm hosts
    • number of containers
    • number of logs
    • number of tests

Connection details

  • Status: General Availability
  • Type: api
  • Permissions required:
    * User generating the credentials has to be an admin of the service.


In this document, we will provide instructions for generating DataDog API credentials and connect your DataDog account with LeanIX SMP.

Get API and Application Key

  1. Log in to DataDog and go the the page with API settings (
  2. First we will get the API Key by clicking on the API Key Area
  3. Under New API key write LeanIX SMP Integration as the name of the new key and click on Create API Key button.
  4. The new API Key will appear in the list. Next to the name of the API Key, there are colored areas. Hover on the area to show the API key. Copy this value, as it will be needed for integrating DataDog with LeanIX SMP.
  5. Next, to get Application Key, click this time on the Application Keys area.
  6. Under the New Application Key write LeanIX SMP integration as the name of the new key and click on Create Application Key.
  7. The new Application key will appear on the list. Hover to the colored space next to the Application key name to see the Application key. Copy this value, as it will be needed to integrate DataDog with LeanIX SMP.

Configure DataDog Integration in LeanIX SMP

  1. Log into LeanIX SMP and navigate to DataDog settings ( or
  2. Click on the Integrate button and fill out the form with appropriate credentials obtained in steps 1.4 and 1.7 of this manual:
    1. API Key (Step 1.4)
    2. Application Key (Step 1.7)