LeanIX SMP allows you to add the SaaS services contracts and manage these contracts directly in the workspace. You can set the contract's details, time period, values, etc.


Adding new contract manually

You can start adding a new contract manually into LeanIX SMP as follows:

  1. Click on the Services tab
  2. Select the Service where you want to add the contract
  3. Go to the Contracts tab
  4. Click the "Add Contract" button
  5. Here you can upload the contract file

Adding contract details

After you add the new contract, now you can also add more details to the contract. You can do that by doing the following:

  1. Define the starting date of the contract in the Start date
  2. In the Renewal type: you have two options. Automatic: if the contract will be renewed automatically. Manual: if you will have to do negotiations to the contract

Contract Value and Split Contract Value

You can also edit the contract value if needed. Contract value represents the initial value of your contract at the signing date. Here you will have the possibility to indicate how this value is allocated over time. This indication will then be reflected on the renewal timeline and on the forecasting results. Please continue with the following steps to proceed:

  1. Select the currency you used in the contract
  2. In this example, the contract value is 10.000,00 EUR, and the workspace currency is USD
  3. You can click the toggle on the "Split contract value" for you to enter the contract value for each year accordingly
  4. You can also create a custom time period, e.g., one month, six months, etc.

To complete the information on the contract, you can add the "Number of seats," "Description" fields, and the Renewal alert. Once you are done, then click Save.


In some cases, your organisation will have to purchase additional seats within an existing contract. Therefore you will have to create an "Annex". Annexes are contract subcategory, where you will be able to track your purchase history and link it to the original contract. SMP will then update the contract value and volume, together with a cost breakdown for that specific contract.

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