LeanIX SMP allows you to add and manage contracts your workspace. Here you will be able to populate contracts details such as start and end date, values, volume, and also define reminder to prepare your renewals.


Adding a new contract

You have 3 ways to import contracts:

From the User Interface:

  1. Click on the Services tab
  2. Select the Service where you want to add the contract
  3. Go to the Contracts tab
  4. Click the "Add Contract" button

From and Excel file (refer this guide for further guidance)

From a file based discovery (refer to this article for further guidance)

Editing Contracts

on the main menu, the edit button allows you to do the following:

  • Add Annex: to add additional quantity and/or products purchased during your contract period (see [Add Annex](## Annex)).
  • Edit: to modify existing contract details
  • Terminate (for Monthly subscription only): to indicate when a subscription is going to end.
  • Duplicate contract: when you renewed a contract and you simply need to duplicate the existing one to use it as template.
  • Delete contract: when you need to remove a contract that have been added by mistake to a service.

Contracts types

As we can see on the screenshot, SMP offers 2 types of contract templates:

The description below will help you to select the appropriate contract type:

  • Regular contract: this template is made for 1, 2, 3 (...) agreements that will be renewed manually together with a Sales representative.
  • Monthly Subscription: this represent the type of contract that customers signs when purchasing Services on a Website. The renewal happen on a monthly basis and there is no end date.

Adding a Regular contract

Under "Contract Type", select "Regular Contract".
After that, you will be prompted to provide the time frame of your contract.

  1. Define the starting date and the length of the contract.
  2. In the Renewal type: you have two options.
    Automatic: if the contract will be renewed automatically.
    Manual: if you will have run a negotiations process at the renewal.

Contract Value and Split Contract Value

After completing this first part, you will indicate the contract value, and how this one is split along the time. This indication will then be reflected on the renewal timeline as well as in committed spend report.

Let’s now see how this work by using a simple example (a 3 years contract with a value of 10 000€)

  1. Select the currency used for the contract (here Euro)
    In this example, the contract value is 10.000,00 EUR, and the workspace currency is USD, so each amount provided in the original currency will be converted in US Dollars.
  2. After switching the toggle "Split contract value" to the right, you will have the possibility to split the value on yearly basis or on any customised manner.
  3. Right after these periods, SMP will show the add the value of these three periods, and which must correspond to your Total contract value.

To complete the information on the contract, you can complete the "Volume" and the "Description" fields.
The last part consists of defining Renewal alert(s). Here is where you will define when and how many Alerts should be send by SMP. Please remind that the default value for all contract is usually set to 90 days.

Once you are done, then click Save.

Adding a Monthly subscription

First follow the initial steps described on the paragraph Adding a new contract

Under "Contract Type", select "Monthly subscription":

After selecting this Contract type, simply fill the Start date*, Value per Month like below:



*Note that the "End date" field will show "Ongoing" until you mark the contract as terminated

Once you are done, you can switch to the Contracts timeline and look for the Subscription recently added.
This subscription will appear under the category "Monthly Subscription", and is represented with interrupted bar representing the months of the subscription.

Terminating a Monthly Subscription

The time will come where your organisation will terminate Monthly Subscription by sending a prior notice. In that case, you would like to add this information in SMP and mark that Subscription as terminated.

In order to do this, you simply need to go to your Subscription and click on the 3 dots, then select "Terminate contract".

After this, you will have to indicate the date when this contract will be Terminated, and click "Save".

Again, you can verify the new status of your Subscription on the Contracts timeline. You will see the red button appearing on the bar according to the given Termination date.


In some cases, your organization will have to purchase additional volume within an existing contract. Therefore you will have to create an "Annex". Annexes are contract subcategories, here you will be able to track your purchase history and link it to the original contract. SMP will then update the contract value and volume on the contract's overview, together with a cost breakdown for that specific contract.