Veeva CRM is a cloud-based CRM solution created specifically for life sciences. It is a solution optimized for sales and medical teams that improves customer experience and HCP engagement across all channels.

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Integration Information

Data Collected

  • Members: email, name, role (user's role in the organisation), last seen
  • Usage:
    • number of dashboards
    • number of external users
    • number of full users
    • number of members
    • number of read-only users

Connection details

  • Status: General Availability
  • Type: api
  • Permissions required:
    * User providng credentials has to be an admin.


In this document, we will provide instructions for configuring the Veeva Vault credentials for connecting it to LeanIX SMP. This will enable LeanIX SMP to give you the report of your users with additional information which will be displayed in LeanIX SMP portal.

Configuring Veeva Vault Integration in LeanIX SMP

For this integration we need to access your Veeva Vault credentials. To access your account, we need your Vault subdomain, username and password. Your vault subdomain is a unique account identifier. To find your subdomain: 1.1. You can find this by logging into your vault via the UI. Once you log in, you’ll see a URL like this: In API calls, we will replace subdomain variable with the portion of the URL. If you have access to multiple vaults on a single domain, the domain name will be different for each vault.
1.2. Please save your username, password and subdomain part of the URL
(https://{vault_subdomain}/api) to use it in the Step

Configure Veeva Vault Integration in LeanIX SMP

2.1. Log into LeanIX SMP and navigate to Veeva Vault setting page ( or 2.2. Click on the Integrate button at the bottom of the page and fill out the form with credentials acquired in Step 1:
2.2.1. Username
2.2.2. Password 2.2.3. Subdomain 2.3. Click Integrate.