Service Discovery

Service discovery describes the process of identifying SaaS services based on the results of a discovery integration, e.g., SSO systems or financial systems. These data sources usually contain hundreds and thousands of entries that might be SaaS - or not. Making this decision is part of the discovery process.

There are typically two key phases in service discovery:

  • The initial setup of a new discovery integration, and
  • The continuous process of an already connected Discover Integration.

Initial matching process

After connecting a new Discover Integration, the initial matching process is started. Once the integration is set up, SMP starts pulling potential SaaS from the data source. The results are processed automatically as much as possible. But there usually are a lot of entries where we cannot decide if we found SaaS or not. The items that could not be processed are reviewed by our SaaS expert team, all leftover items are then visible to you for a final decision.

Continuous matching

Process of recurring matching: You take over the decision of every item we cannot automatically match. The required effort here should be low.

Service discovery

New, Matched, Ignored, and Action log

LeanIX SMP separates the process into four tabs:

  • New - contains all discovery results not yet matched with a service
  • Matched - all discovery results which were matched with a service
  • Ignored - all discovery results that were ignored
  • Action log - Contains all previously made decisions in service discovery, who matched which discovery results to what SaaS, and when (even if the machine did the matching)

The result

Each discovery result is accompanied by a result based on the recommendation score of our machine learning. It describes our prediction or probability value with which we can suggest a service based on the discovery result.

The available results are:

  • Very likely → recommendation score is between 1 and 0.8
  • Likely → recommendation score is between 0.79 and 0.75
  • Unlikely → recommendation score is lower than 0.74

Result filters

On the New tab, you can filter discovery results by integration and result.

On the Matched and Ignored tabs, the user can only filter by integration.

Selecting a service



Action buttons are displayed when the user hovers over a row.

You can select a service by clicking on the service selector on each row. In the selector, they can search all services currently available in our SaaS catalog and select the correct match.

When a service is selected, LeanIX SMP also checks the checkbox on this row. This makes bulk actions a lot easier.


Undo - With a click on the Undo icon, you can also revert this service selection. This also unchecks the checkbox for the bulk action.

Match - Matches the discovery result with the selected SaaS and adds it to the service list. The Match button stays disabled until the service is selected.

When the service is selected, you can click on the Match button.

Ignore - The discovery result is moved to ignored. It can be re-matched later in the Ignored tab.

Re-match - The discovery result was matched with a service; however, you can still match it with another service. The Re-match button stays disabled until you choose a different service.

When a new service is selected for re-match, you can click the Re-match button.

Bulk actions

Bulk match - you can select multiple discovery results and match them with one click.



Please keep in mind that the bulk actions always exclude discovery results without a selected service.

Bulk re-match - you can select multiple discovery results and re-match them in one action.



When bulk re-matching LeanIX SMP excludes discovery results with the previous service still selected. Re-matching is only possible when in the Matched tab.

Bulk ignore - you can select multiple discovery results and ignore them in one action.

Select all - you can only select all visible discovery results on an active page.

When selecting all visible discovery results, the following rules apply:

  1. You can only match discovery results with a selected service or re-match discovery results with a changed service. Only then will LeanIX SMP show the appropriate action, e.g., “Match selected.”
  2. You can ignore all selected discovery results at once.