When you log into SaaS Management Platform (SMP), you will see the main Dashboard. It provides an overview of your SaaS landscape along with actionable insights. Here, you will be able to see your SaaS spend trend over time, cost of recently added services, cost of SaaS by Department, and more.




The data on your Dashboard, such as new services added, upcoming renewals, etc., is coming directly from the integrated applications. For further information, refer to the Integrations page.

Key Features

Monthly overview


In the Dashboard, you are able visualize your spending on a month-to-month basis. Here, you can also see information about the applications added, spend, department spend, and the upcoming renewals for that specific month. This view will help you identify application costs and other useful information for reporting purposes.

Financial overview: trend graph of how your SaaS spend is increasing/decreasing over time. A number of all current discovered services and anticipated monthly expenditures for these services is also provided to the right.

New services added: list of SaaS services recently detected within your SaaS portfolio. The "$/mo" column shows how much a given service is costing you and the "Added" column provides a date of when the service was added.

Spend by department: list of departments in your company with the highest SaaS spend. Monthly costs and month-to-month cost increases (depicted as %) are listed as well.


Filter on department level


You can also filter the financial overview by department. This feature is useful if you want to see specific department spend and also check user adoption and usage when you introduce a new SaaS solution.

Top 5 services by spend: list of services that are costing you the most as per the specified month.


Unmanaged services


Once the Integration is set up, in this section, you will see the services with the highest spend that are not currently integrated with the SaaS Management platform. SMP can help you identify SaaS applications discovered through your financial data. With this information, you can immediately take action and integrate the identified services to get more detailed information such as usage and utilization.

Optimization opportunities


With this feature, you receive suggestions for reducing costs and improving the adoption of your SaaS services.


Download Dashboard as a PDF

You can download the dashboard and share it with people in your organization to provide them with a better overview of your SaaS landscape for the selected month..




The data you see in SMP is typically based on the current or the previous month. This means that the data in your widgets will change if you compare start-of-the-month to end-of-the-month. You can choose the month from the month selector at the top.