To view invoice and spend trend data for a particular service, click the Spend tab. Here you will find more detailed information about when you were charged, how much, and from which source.

To filter data by department or by service accounts, click the corresponding button and choose from the drop-down menu. Different charts and information will be displayed depending of your choice.

Monthly budget

To have a better insight and control of your spending, it is suggested to set a monthly budget. Simply click Edit budget and a pop-up will appear, asking you to input your planned budget for the service.

Click Add. The budget you have set will be displayed in the Monthly budget box and represented as an orange dashed line in the spend graph.

Uploading invoices

If you want to manually upload an invoice, click the blue Upload invoice button under the graph.

A pop-up allowing you to choose a document will show. Once you've chosen your desired invoice, click Upload.

Your invoice should be processed and visible in your workspace shortly.



If a single invoice contains information about a quarterly, semi-annual or annual subscription, it will be automatically split into equal parts for every month of the subscription. Split invoices are denoted as the InvoiceID followed by "-" and the corresponding number of the subscription part.