Service Accounts

When you integrate a Service in SMP, the system pulls the data via a Service Account

From time to time, the permissions associated with this Service Account can expire, and a new Service Account needs to be provided. As a result, that particular Service will have 2 Service Accounts, which will break the history of the usage into 2 separate streams. To mitigate and hide the effect of having multiple streams of information on a service, SMP allows you to link these accounts and aggregate the historical information from the previous Service Account to the new one.


Below you can see the 2 respective Service Accounts:

  • Calendly – 13970 (initial service account)
  • Calendly – 13971 (new service account)

When you look at the “Usage” (in December), you see 2 different times of consumption (indicated in the orange and blue chart). This is because there are 2 sets of data coming through 2 Service Accounts. To have consistent consumption views, you can make these 2 different values appear only once by aggregating these Services Accounts.

When going to the corresponding Service (here Calendly), under “Service Setting”, and under the tab “Manage Integration”, you will define how Service Account should be linked by clicking on the button “Manage linked accounts”:

Then select the appropriate Service account:

Once you have done that, you should see this:

After linking these Service Accounts, the usage tab will merge the usage into one Service Account.