Some major SaaS Services are most of the time part of a Subscription Suite, or belong to a large Provider that might have a big impact in your SaaS investment.

Therefore SMP is by default grouping these Services per Providers, and simultaneously aggregating financial aspects highlighting the financial footprint of this Provider in your Service portfolio.

Porvider list

By going under the Service list SMP offers a dedicated "Providers" tab:

This list shows all the existing Providers implemented in your organisation. The list displays the related details to each of them such as:

  • Number of Services
  • Number of active contracts
  • Active contracts value
  • $/mo: monthly spend
  • $YTD: year-to-date spend
  • Fiscal YTD: spend per Fiscal Year

Provider view


After selecting the desired Provider, SMP shows by default the list of all Services belonging to this provider. The view breaks down the spend criteria described above per Service. Additionally the view brings Business Owner as well as Department Ownership per Service.

Active contracts

The Provider view also offers under "Active Contract" tab a view on all existing contracts for this Provider. The target here is to allow customer to review and potentially simplify these contracts into a large one.