Pipedrive (api)

Pipedrive is a sales management tool for small teams. It visualises the sales pipeline and helps to make sure important activities and conversations won’t get dropped.

Pricing Pipedrive price is based on plan, number of users and features.

Integration Information

Data Collected

  • Members: name, email, role (User, Owner, Admin (Number of activities)), last seen
  • Usage:
    • Number of users
    • Number of deals
    • Number of activities

Connection details


In this document, we will provide instructions for generating Pipedrive API credentials and connect your Pipedrive account with LeanIX SMP.

Get API Credentials

1.1. Login to Pipedrive (https://app.pipedrive.com/auth/login) 1.2 Click on your icon in the upper right corner and select Settings 1.3 Under Personal subheading click on the Personal preferences 1.4 In the Personal preferences section, click on API tab 1.5 Copy your personal API token. This value will be needed to connect Pipedrive with LeanIX SMP.

Configure Pipedrive integration in LeanIX SMP

  1. Log into LeanIX SMP and navigate to Pipedrive settings (https://us-si.leanix.net/#/service/Pipedrive/settings/ or https://eu-si.leanix.net/#/service/Pipedrive/settings/)
  2. Click on the Integrate button and fill out the form with appropriate credentials obtained in step 1.5 of this manual:
    1. API Token (step 1.5)