SSO with OneLogin SAML

OneLogin SAML Integration with LeanIX SMP


This documentation is deprecated. Refer to it only if your Authentication & Authorization is still configured via the legacy SMP interface. Please refer to Authentication & Authorization for the latest documentation on Authentication & Authorization.

Create new application in OneLogin

  1. Go to OneLogin admin, click Apps and Add Apps

  1. Click on the Add App button.

  1. In the search field enter SAML Test and select app SAML Test Connector (Advanced).

  1. Change Display Name to LeanIX SMP, upload Rectangular Icon and square icon. You can find the latest asset from here

  1. To continue, click Save

  2. On next page, click Configuration tab

  1. Now you will need the data from LeanIX SMP Account settings. Select Custom (SAML) option for Single Sign On.

Copy Identifier from LeanIX SMP and paste it in field:

Copy Reply URL from LeanIX SMP and paste it in fields:
ACS (Consumer) URL Validator
ACS (Consumer) URL

Copy Single Sign On URL from LeanIX SMP and paste it in OneLogin fields:
Login URL

  1. After you successfully copy-pasted all values set the SAML initiator value to Service Provider.

  1. When the SAML initiator is set, click the Save button.

  2. Now go to Parameters tab and click the plus button to add parameter

  1. Enter name Email, select Flags Include in SAML assertion and click Save

  1. On next view select value Email and click Save

  1. Next click More actions button on top right and click SAML Metadata to download XML metadata file to your filesystem.

Setup LeanIX SMP OneLogin SAML SSO

  1. In Account settings SSO settings in LeanIX SMP, select Custom (SAML) and upload file you downloaded before, under Provider metadata.

  1. Set Allowed domains (e.g. from which are users allowed to sign in.
  2. Last, click on the Enable button.