Since integrations possibilities are constantly moving on, Manage Integrations are following this trend offering version upgrades. In order to implement these new versions, each user will have to re-approve each Integration by following a specific path.

Identifying Upgrade availability

To review available upgrades available in your workspace, simply go under the Service tab and use the filter "Integration status". There you will select the category "Upgrade available" like below:

After that, SMP will present you the list of upgrades available marked with the clickable yellow up arrow.

Alternatively, this upgrades will be displayed on each Service view (when available) in several manner:

  • inside a yellow banner
  • on the side Service metadata under "Manage Integration Status" category
  • under the "Manage Integration" Tab (2nd screenshot below)

Upgrade process

Each of the upgrade button described above will redirect you to the upgrade form. There, you will have to provide the required credentials.

Please note that clicking on the "Upgrade" button will not affect the existing integration.
SMP will only revoke and replace your existing integration once the newly entered credentials are validated. In other word, if you enter wrong credentials during the upgrade process, SMP will keep running the previous integration version.

Once the new credentials are validated, SMP will revoke the previous authorisation and update the integration version on the Service Accountlevel.