KnowBe4 Compliance Manager (KCM) is a cloud based GRC Platform compliance management tool. It helps effectively and efficiently manage risk and compliance within organisation and across third-party security vendors, while gaining insight into gaps within security program.

Pricing KnowBe4 price depends on the number of users and features.

Integration Information

Data Collected

  • Members: email, name, role (admin, user), last seen
  • Usage:
    • seat utilization

Connection details

  • Status: General Availability
  • Type: api
  • Permissions required:
    * User generating the access key has to be an admin and they need to have either the Platinum or Diamond plan.


Get API Token

  1. Login and go to Account settings:

  1. Under Account Integrations, click API:

  1. Select Enable Reporting API Access and store API Token.

Configure KnowBe4 integration in LeanIX SMP

  1. Log into LeanIX SMP and navigate to KnowBe4 settings ( or
  2. Click on the Integrate button and fill out the form with credential from step 1.2.1:
    1. API Token
  3. Click Integrate.